High quality Fairy Tail Luxus gifts and merchandise. About 5 years ago . Les seules choses dont Luxus Draer a l'air de s'occuper sont la force et la réputation de Fairy Tail, ce qui a le don de le mettre en colère dès que quelqu'un se moque de sa guilde. Blonds Merci a Riwanon, ou peut importe qui a l'info, on a touvez les taille exacte des personnages de fairy tail. Anime Debut [57] This classifies Laxus as a Second Generation Dragon Slayer. After the tenrou team disappeared she trained to become stronger with her exceed cookie for seven long years. Terme issu de la traduction officielle de l'éditeur ou de la VF de l'animé, il ne faut pas le modifier ! 23min. 8:15. Fairy Tail 321 Ita "Luxus Vs Jura" Tony Lou. Laxus Dreyar was a S-Class mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, as well as the grandson of Fairy Tail master Makarov and the son of dark Raven Tail Guild master Ivan Dreyar. Previous Team He is also the son of Ivan Dreyar, the former Guild Master of the now-disbanded Raven Tail Guild. [102] Also, during his fight with Hades, after giving up all of the Magic Power he had within himself at the time to Natsu, he was capable of standing back on his feet just a little later to attack the opponent again. From then on, Laxus vowed to become stronger and be… 0. maya sora fairy tail water dragon slayer ORIGINS FTO. [90], Immense Durability: Laxus demonstrated extreme durability, being sent crashing through a wall and landing without a flinch or a minor injury,[91] suffering no damage at all from Mystogan's Sacred Song. [81] His fighting style is an offensive, brutal and straightforward one, relying on a great variety of punches, kicks and even headbutts,[82] which are shown to be both strong and fast; such moves can also be combined with techniques from his Lightning Magic with extreme fluency to great effect:[83] using this trademark Magic of his, Laxus can create lightning orbs around his arms and legs before connecting punches and kicks, increasing their striking power in a way similar to Natsu's fire,[42] move around much faster, propelling himself towards his opponents, by surrounding his entire body with lightning,[81] and empower his connecting strikes by summoning forth lightning from the sky to accompany his motions. Seul Grey, apprendra par surprise en pleine nuit juste avant la vieille de libération de la bataille d'harujion en l'an X792, que le beau jeune Chasseur de Dragon souffre en silence. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. I'm new here and I've been wanting to ask this for a while now.I'll be honest, I used to be a huge Naruto fan, but Kishimoto's pace of the story has really made me lose interest. Y/n is a strong fairy tail wizard whose rare type of magic allows her to requip into different dragon slayer forms. Guilde Fairy Tail 2:15. Page 1 of 2 - Fairy Tail vs Naruto which one do you like better? Spores Démoniaques (anciennement) Laxus Dreyar Laxus Dreyar (ラクサス・ドレアー Rakusasu Doreā) is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. Fairy Tail Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. (Based off of AllieJenzie's fanfic 'I Never Should have Joined') After being saved by Laxus Dreyar from a terrible incident within the Fairy Tail Guild, the two companions head off towards Heaven's Grove. [11] In addition to this, he wasn't shown smoking anymore. [24], Not even his trusted Thunder God Tribe were spared of this treatment, as seen when Laxus almost hit Freed Justine with one of his lightning attacks for contradicting him. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. 9. In the latter state, lightning even starts to appear from his eyes and mouth. Laxus' name is based off the unit of luminous emittance, Laxus is often seen wearing Magic Headphones to store music, with his favorite type being Classic, In Volume 32's extra content, Mashima provided the battle statistics for 31 of the 40 X791 contestants in the Grand Magic Games. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Luxus Fairy Tail animated GIFs to your conversations. [43] The bright light from his lightning can be also used to momentarily blind enemies. Doublenomore. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Fairy tail, Luxus, Fairytail. irene sora fairy tail ORIGINS FTO prinses of another universeuniverse. Sign up. Laxus Dreyar (ラクサス・ドレアー Rakusasu Doreā) is a former S-Class Mage and the 8th Guild Master of Fairy Tail, following his grandfathers defeat at the hands of Yuma L. Phoenix. » de Seira, auquel 183 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Debuts Sunday VS Magazine : Shuuketsu ! [69], Dragon Force (竜の力(ドラゴンフォース) Doragon Fōsu): Laxus is able to enter this powered up state naturally, bulking up physically while showing Dragon-like traits, such as the scales that run across his arms. 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Il avait également une petite chaîne attachée autour de son poignet droit et a été initialement représenté en train de fumer de gros cigares. He is the grandson of Fairy Tail's Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar, and the son of Raven Tail's Master, Ivan Dreyar. Le jeune homme blond, ne dira rien à personne à propos de sa maladie. Through its use, Laxus can not only generate lightning from his body,[40] but also make it appear from almost anywhere to strike his opponents, taking them by surprise. Midnight Fairy Tail. (Tout le monde autour de lui pensent qu'il est guéri complètement ). [75] This rare technique is initiated by Laxus releasing an immense amount of Magic Power and then shaping it into the form of bright light between his hands;[76] such light is subsequently released into a wave around him at the command "Fairy Law, activate!." We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Laxus is a master of Lightning magic. At some point during his childhood, Laxus' father, Ivan Dreyar, implanted Dragon Lacrima into Laxus' body, granting him Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu vs. Laxus Dotou no Taiketsu! I found Fairy Tail recently and thought it was a pretty good story. [68] Laxus also stated that blood is what makes the power of the Red Lightning, and Erza mentions it to be stronger than expected. Midnight Fairy Tail. Il voulait faire de Fairy Tail une guilde sans personnes qu'il jugeait faibles. [104] He was also able to react to Hades' Magic chains fast enough to avoid their blows, making the chain Hades threw at him miss by a margin and subsequently ducking the gigantic globe Grimoire Heart's Master pulled back at him. [2] However, after the guild's reformation, he rejoined Fairy Tail again along with the Thunder God Tribe. Même ses propres membres de la Guilde ne sauront pas aux courants qu'il a encore des Spores Démoniaques dans son corps. Despite being the son of Makarov and the father of Laxus, Ivan bears little resemblance to either of them. ", Laxus Dreyar Mage de Rang-S Pourtant dans sa tête, Luxus se remémora le combat entre lui et le démon Tempester. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Précédente occupation Base of Operations [32] This, however, seems to have changed after his expulsion and "redemption," as Makarov was seen entrusting his will to him from afar after his brief confrontation with Hades. Fairy Tail sigla finale ITA. Seulement 1 an après les événements, en apprenant la réformation de la guilde par d'autres anciens camarades, il rejoindra à nouveau Fairy Tail avec sa tribu L'Unité de Raijin pour le plus grand plaisir de son grand-père Makarof Draer. Mavis X Zera Yaoi Incoming! [35] He can attack with a single or both hands[36] to generate electrical discharges[37] at a distance or at close-range. Divers, Luxus Draer 0. [14] During his attack on the guild, he had switched to a similar attire, but again differently colored: he retained the coat, but his shirt was purple and more wide-collared, and his pants bluish black, held up by a reddish belt. Movie Debut [95] Employing his Dragon Slayer Magic-enhanced lungs, Laxus managed to barely survive inhaling a large quantity of Magical Barrier Particles, which are noted for being deadly even in small doses. [36] The effects of the blast depends on the user's own ability; Laxus, with his great mastery of Lightning spells, has proven himself capable of conjuring bolts of electricity that has either frail,[38] hot enough to heat a metal arm[15] or devastating power[39] to inflict damage. 1. Luxus Draer est donc devenu vaniteux, obsédé par la puissance et vantard. Fairy Tail Même avant son excommunication, Fried disait que Luxus n'avait pas seulement hérité des grands pouvoir de Makarof, mais aussi de son cœur, qui aime ses compagnons, ce qui est montré lorsque, en tentant de lancer la Loi des Fées, les membres de Fairy Tail et les habitants de Magnoria s'en sortent indemnes. He was also willing to take all the responsibility of the crimes for himself, in order for the Thunder God Tribe to remain members of the guild, even encouraging them for the time being. Introduction It allows him to produce and manipulate lightning and electricity at his will, having complete control over its manifestation. Aptitudes et Compétences Le lendemain après cette discussion, il fera une nouvelle fois une crise de sa maladie alors qu'il était en plein combat contre Wahl Icht, il réussira à se débarrasser de cette fichue maladie grâce à L'Aetherion que lui avait lancé son adversaire mais aussi grâce au sort Justu Shiki que lui avait appris auparavant son camarade Fried, et sera ainsi complètement guéri de cette maladie pour de bon. Dans l'animé, ses tenues sont apparues différemment. Fan Art of Luxus Dreyar for fans of Fairy Tail. Amelia Whales is a regulus and water magic Mage, a member of the Team ocean and a member of Fairy Tail Guild. Inizialmente evita Gajil quando questi entra a far parte di Fairy Tail, ma lo riconsidera dopo che la difende da uno scontro con Luxus Dreyar. [103], Immense Reflexes: Laxus has displayed extremely sharp reflexes and a high degree of speed and agility: he was shown capable of evading a combo attack from Natsu and Gajeel, in which the former's fire acted as a medium to greatly enhance the latter's attack speed, without much effort, and could also keep up with the two of them in a fast exchange of blows, managing to parry their melee assaults and at the same time to counter-attack with his spells. Laxus has spiky blonde hair that is combed neatly back with a small tuft falling onto his forehead. Son emblème de Fairy Tail est timbré en noir et se trouve sur le coté gauche de son torse, plus précisément sur sa cage thoracique gauche, sur l'abdomen, il est agrémenté d'un large tatouage, allant de l'épaule gauche, jusqu'au niveau du nombril et recouvre aussi une bonne partie du haut de son dos correspondant. Sexe [17], Laxus defends his father in front of Makarov, In his youth, Laxus was extremely kind, very attached to his grandfather Makarov, and greatly admired Fairy Tail. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Pour elle, si d'autres mages avaient était à sa place, ils n'auraient pas réussi à sans sortir de cette situation. On their way they met many friends new and old. Tikaani24. Terme issu de la traduction officielle de l'éditeur ou de la VF de l'animé, il ne faut pas le modifier! [97], Immense Strength: Laxus possesses a large amount of physical strength, being capable of pummeling and overwhelming someone as physically strong as Natsu, even without his lightning. Fairy Tail 321 Ita "Luxus Vs Jura" Search. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Fairy tail, Fairy tail personnage, Luxus. The dark-red lightning has been described as being a "lightning that goes beyond lightning", and is noticeably more powerful and possesses unique properties, as it was able to kill Wall Eehto, a Machias who is extremely proud of his immunity to all forms of traditional lightning. Language: English Words: … 1. First Fairy Tail BuildingBlue Pegasus Building (former)Second Fairy Tail Building (former) This video is currently unavailable. » de Seira, auquel 183 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Retouched with ArtWeaver (I changed the colors) 2017 - Découvrez le tableau "Luxus" de ℑ’*** sur Pinterest. [49], Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic (雷の滅竜魔法 Kaminari no Metsuryū Mahō): A form of Dragon Slayer Magic which gives Laxus the power and characteristics of a Lightning Dragon,[54] along with a Dragon Slayer's signature ability to eat external sources of his element to heal himself and regain power, thus making him immune to lightning. Infos professionnelles Luxus Draer  (?) Out of its large range of good-looking members, only one will be right for you. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème luxus, fairy tail, fairytail. fan Art of Luxus Dreyar for fan of Fairy Tail. Luxus porte presque toujours son casque avec des pics sur chaque côté, sa musique favorite est le style classique réarrangé d'une façon Rock. Thousands of designs by independent artists. Home Fairy Tail Laxus Dreyar Laxus Dreyar Plush Toy from Fairy Tail. Apparition Jeu Vidéo [78], Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Aside from his powerful, ranged Magic attacks, Laxus has shown a penchant for melee fighting, demonstrating great mastery in unarmed combat, being strong enough to easily keep the upper hand against Natsu for most of their fight,[79] to fend off both him and Gajeel at the same time[80] and to strike Hades different times in rapid succession with him being unable to retaliate. Épisode 010 ... Jubia, Grey, Luxus, Gajeel & Erza - Arc Eclipse . D&D Beyond Laxus made claim to have mastered Fairy Law, and, when employed by him, the Magic actually engulfed the entire Magnolia Town with its light, going past the building Laxus was in and damaging it in the process. Choujou Daikessen ! After Fairy Tail's disbandment, he joined the Blue Pegasus Guild along with the members of the Thunder God Tribe. Facebook Twitter ( Laxus Dreyar Cosplay Costume is here! ) ... Fairy Tail Amino! Cela vient principalement du fait qu'il est des problèmes de santé au niveau cardiaque à cause des Spores Démoniaques. Like many members of the guild, Laxus has been a part of Fairy Tail since he was a child, given that he is also Makarov's grandson. After the events of Tartaros, Fairy Tail struggles to work through everything that happened to them. Fairy tail is soo awesome and cool. fishinfam. Banni de Fairy Tail This list goes into detail on all the things you never knew about Fairy Tail’s Lightning Dragon Slayer. [96] Luxus from Fairy Tail moomoomoomoo4. [5] His black Fairy Tail stamp is located on his left rib cage, and is surrounded by a large tribal tattoo, which extends up to his left shoulder and covers part of the corresponding upper back.

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